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Welcome to Precise Models LLC



     This website is dedicated to the contractor promotional scale models manufactured by the former Topping Models, Inc., Precise Models, Inc. and RoLen Models in Elryia, OH. When the Precise Models Inc. commercial property was sold in 2010 and the Inc. dissolved, the inventory was purchased and Precise Models LLC was formed.


The inventory of finished and parts shown on this website are available and updated as needed to stay current. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to email and ask.  We do purchase models as well provided they are in like-new condition.  But mostly, we just enjoy meeting and helping other collectors, answering questions, or putting you in touch with others that may be able help you if we aren't able.                                    


 The first of many visits to Precise Models Inc. in Elyria, OH. was in the early 90's and it was an unbelievable beehive of activity.  The employees were completing the manufacturer orders for F-16's and working around tables covered with models including the A-10, X-29, F-16 & F-16XL. The adjoining warehouse was stacked to the ceiling with crates of Topping, Precise and RoLen models, parts and blanks.  There were only 2 narrow isles to navigate around the poorly lit and leaky warehouse.  One end was filled with the old steel Topping injection molds, most of which had not moved since co-founder Paul Schneider purchased the Topping Models Inc. inventory in 1965.  In the mid 80's when the competitor model maker RoLen closed, that inventory was purchased and also moved into the warehouse.  It was an exciting era, filled with a history of models and a lot of stories to be told.






  • Provide a Collector Forum to post models to buy, sell, trade or ask general questions 


  • Serve as a information source for Topping, Precise and RoLen models


  • Offer selected models for sale as kit and finished


  •  Offer remaining original NOS parts inventory while supplies last



Additional historical information on Topping, RoLen or Precise Models is always appreciated.  If you have  Topping, Precise, RoLen model pictures for the Model Gallery slide show feel free to forward them via email.

This website is updated periodically, so check back often. Facebook is a learning venture and website updates will be posted on the Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting.



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