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  The Model Finishing Process  

Vintage Model Paint Masks and Jigs

Paint Masks

After injection molding, the blank molding lines were hand filed, hand sanded and buffed with a high speed buffer. A line of large buffing machines had lined the wall at Precise. The final finishing steps were air brushing and decals. The blanks were airbrushed using paint jigs and masks made from metal and/or a wood framework which resulted in a uniform result. None of the jigs were high-tech, but worked well. When the soft metal used for the paint masks reached $10/lb., many Topping masks were melted down for other masks. Precise later used heat formed plastic which were very cost effective. The masks were stored with the models taped inside as pictured. 


                          Gulfstream I                                                       Gulfstream II

                A-4 Skyhawk (WJ Hyatt)                                         C-141 Skylifter                         

                       F-16 Israeli                                                           F-16 Korean
1/40 F-16 Venzuela w/reverse color - plastic mask - Painted Blank

                  Canadian F-5A Camo                                       Canadian F-5A Blank & Mask 

Hughes 500 Helicopter

              FH-227 sits on wood block &rotating base / mask for engines  open wing slits.  

Lockheed Martin Agena Paint Masks & Templates

                F-111 Canopy Masks                                               F-111 Plastic Shrink Masks
                                                         F-111 Fuselage Masks
Assorted F-111 Wing Masks

              S-2 Viking & Assorted                                                        X-19


               Kaman SeaSprite                            Assorted Canopy Masks - Tail Rotor paint jig



YAT -28E





   Thunderbird          German            RF-4                        Assorted F-4 Phantom masks

                                  F-15                                                        Beechcraft Debonair

XC-142A Paint Masks

                          C-2A                                                             E-2C Hawkeye

Terrier / Advanced Terrier Paint Masks & Drilling Jigs


                             F-8 Crusader                                                  F-104 Starfighter Drill jigs